Kleine Prijs van Nederland sold out

Wednesday, February 29 2012, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (sold out)

Band Competition

All great people on earth, started out small. Musicians included.
Prior to taking the big stages and the hit parades, there once was this tiny stage or that local talent completion which started the journey to success.
Tonight we have the 2nd preliminary round of THE music competiton for student bands in Eindhoven. Complete with a professional jury: (Tom K. from the Effenaar, Patric  M. editor at “3voor12 Eindhoven”and Robin P. pianist from DeWolff) and prizes.

Come and enjoy:

Cath of the Day: soulful, jazzy and funky.

Morning View: straight forward Dutch grungerock.

And the gentlemen going for the title of the best band name as well as the most sexy drummer of the Netherlands:  Mighty the Mustache

And solid pop rock covers by Otherwise
Must see!!!

There's room for one more band/act. Sign up now at  David Ernst

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