220 Volt! High voltage in the Gaslab sold out

Thursday, March 24 2011, 8:38 PM - 1:44 AM (sold out)

For years 220 Volt has been one of the best underground mini-festivals in the whole area. Now for the 8.5th time the Gaslab will be transformed into a Valhalla for lovers of electronic music. The 8.5th time? That’s right: last December we booked these two acts, but due to the bad weather they weren’t able to fly to Eindhoven from Germany.

AQF: Sonic sound from Berlin, combined with metallic, ultra-repetitive synths and beats on the Substance label.
Kassem Mosse: This artist from Dresden is no stranger to the ambient-techno regions, with his unique time-warped sound that’s somewhere in between techno and house.
Keep checking our site for updates, and find out what other gems we have in store for you!

Switch to 220V.Get up, get down and get electrocuted!

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