The TU/e Mega Quiz

Wednesday, December 19 2018, 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Corona, Luna
Price: Free (Student)

Which faculty has the most quizproof brains? To find out, the study associations under the flag of FSE and Studium Generale organize the TU/e Mega Quiz.

The first rounds are organized by your own study association, so check their communication.

Tonight sees the finale with two teams from each study association. There are questions about anything you can imagine: from movies to technology, from internet memes to sports, from music to history: anything goes!

Quizzing is always nice, we’re gonna find out which faculty has the best quiz. The winners get that honor, a trophy and a stay in a VIP Cottage on a vacation park complete with in-house sauna and of course a crate of beer.

Quiz it!

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