The truth about lying (full)

Dr. Sophie van der Zee
Wednesday, October 23 2019, 12:40 PM - 1:20 PM
Blauwe Zaal Auditorium
Price: Free (Student) Free (Others)

Technology can assist people in their search for the truth. Psychologist Sophie van der Zee works on novel detection methods to expose even the biggest liars.

There are no more places available for this event. It may be possible to obtain a ticket at the entrance, but we’re not able to guarantee it.

Even though we all tell the occasional lie, we are actually very bad at detecting lies from others; we do not perform much better than chance. In daily life this is perhaps not such a bad thing, but in law enforcement it often is of vital importance to identify whether a suspect is lying or not. The polygraph (lie detection test) was developed almost a century ago to improve detection rates, but its reliability has always been disputed. Will there ever be an accurate way to tell if someone is lying? And what would be the implications?

Dr. Sophie van der Zee (Erasmus University Rotterdam) uses her interdisciplinary background in psychology and computer science to study how technology can assist in lie detection. She’s an expert in deception research and has developed a cutting-edge motion-based lie detection suit that can detect lies with 82% accuracy. Currently she is investigating whether our language use can reveal when we're telling lies.

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