The Paradox of Digital Creativity sold out

Drs. Tijmen Schep
Wednesday, March 29 2017, 12:40 PM - 1:35 PM (sold out)
Blauwe Zaal Auditorium

The downside of our increasingly digital culture: the internet and big data are a threat to creative thinking and innovation.

The internet and the opportunities that big data offer should stimulate processes of creativity and innovation. Instead, we continuously feel Big Brother is watching us and we fear the lasting traces we leave on the internet. This influences our behavior; we don’t dare to think outside the box anymore. As a result, this inhibits the innovation our society needs. Tijmen Schep discusses the paradox of creative and innovative thinking in our increasingly digital culture.



Tijmen Schep is technology critic and privacy designer. Besides, he is co-founder and creative lead at SETUP, an organization that explores our increasingly digital culture. He is inventor of ‘crazy ideas’ that appear to be ‘crazy relevant’. Besides, he is also secretary of the board of MU, a medialab that explores digital art, design and popular culture.



This lecture is organized in cooperation with the organization team of HEX (HackEindhovenXperience). This event offers new knowledge, experience and friends in a 24 hours challenge. Check their website if you are interested and would like to participate.


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