Our economic future sold out

Dr. Alex Klein
Monday, May 8 2017, 12:40 PM - 1:35 PM (sold out)
Blauwe Zaal Auditorium

Is the economic crisis in the Netherlands over? Alex Klein shows how international developments – from Trump to Brexit – affect us and our national economy.

The latest economic indicators suggest that the Dutch economy is strengthening. But does this mean  the economic crisis is over? Internationally, a lot is going on: Trump in the United States, Erdogan in Turkey, Putin in Russia, but also the BRexit, possibly followed by a chosen FRexit (France) or a forced GRexit (Greece). What if other countries around us decide to close their borders for our products: how will our economy respond? And what does this mean for the coming years, when you will be entering the labor market?

Alex Klein offers you an insight into the world of global economic developments, resulting in an overview of the national implications for the Netherlands, and consequently, on a micro-level also for you.

Dr. Alex Klein is often described as the most easy to understand ‘Jip & Janneke’ economist of The Netherlands. He does an outstanding job of explaining complex economic matters in a way that everyone can follow. Klein works freelance for various international universities, where he teaches strategic marketing and business economics. He also writes a column for Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf and is a regular guest in radio and television shows.

This program is part of the TU/e Finance Week and is organized in cooperation with Studium Generale.


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