Expeditie Spinvis

Erik de Jong (a.k.a. Spinvis)
Wednesday, October 9 2019, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Blauwe Zaal Auditorium
Price: Free (Student) Free (Others)

Erik de Jong (a.k.a. Spinvis) explores - together with 25 students - if science results in beauty or if the reverse is actually true: beauty leads to science. An evening full of challenging ideas and music.

You may know already, but the TU/e has an artist in residence: Spinvis. This Dutch one-man music project centred on Erik de Jong became famous for his experimental, poetic, lo-fi music and earned gold records, awards and performed sold-out tours in both The Netherlands and Belgium.

Spinvis is now the leader of the ‘Expeditie Spinvis’. Together with a group of 25 selected students they went and still go on a wondrous voyage of discovery, in search of the Beauty in Science. The group already went to CERN and last September and this October they have six workshops full of exploring, debating and searching for philosophical answers regarding the relationship between art and science. E.g anwsering questions like: is beauty a result of science or science the result of beauty?  

On November 6, Expeditie Spinvis will conclude with a film in which Spinvis and the members of the expedition sum up their journey in images, music and text.

We’re now halfway through and you will be given a glimpse of the work in progress. There will be live music, interviews with Spinvis and conversations between him and scientists, amongst whom Tijs Goldschmidt, an awarded Dutch writer and evolutionary biologist.

Wanna know more about the beauty in science? Then dive in!


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