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SG@Conduct: Brass Rave Unit

Thursday, May 23 , 5:00 PM - 11:55 PM
Markthal Metaforum
Price: Free (Student) Free (Others)

Bravura, focus and energy: get ready for the Amsterdam-based power trio Brass Rave Unit - featuring members of Jungle by Night & Gallowstreet. They bring wind instruments to unprecedented times and places.

Conduct hits the campus streets once again. Born in the hearts and minds of LUCID, the Industrial Design Student Association, Conduct Festival  combines light and sound with a lineup that increases in energy. In the past, Studium Generale has contributed with acts such as Le SetonCollective ConscienceElias Mazian and last year Gladde Paling

Brass Rave Unit
This year, Studium Generale presents a trio that finds itself somewhere in the twilight zone between industrial rock, dark techno and nocturnal ecstasy: Brass Rave Unit. Combining horns, an endless array of effects, electronic drums, and cleverly hidden synthesizers, Brass Rave Unit has captured an unprecedented energetic sound that truly makes it impossible to stand still. Whether you are a seasoned raver, an old or young punk, a gabber or a rock aficionado, Brass Rave Unit is the band for every lover of the subculture. 

The group released their debut album, "It Burns the Midnight Oil," in early November 2023, a mysterious album full of rave bangers and electronica mixed with brass instrumentation. And although they could have rested on their laurels, they released a new single at the end of January. A powerful dance track with hardcore vibes that works wonders in any underground club or bunker. These gentlemen know how to throw a party, and they are more than willing to travel to Eindhoven to do so.

Ticket reservation 
You can purchase your tickets directly on Conduct’s website or by clicking the black order button on this page. Ticket prices range from €7.50 - €10.50, depending on whether you're an early bird or a late bird. Conduct ticket terms and conditions apply.

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