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SG at Stukafest: The Social Sorting Experiment

The Smartphone Orchestra
Thursday, February 13 2020, 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Student room in the city center

Experience a social media event, but this time in real life. In this innovative live event, you - and all other people present – are digitally quantified in real time.

Are you an influencer or a troll that is still in the closet? Or are you more of a cat lover and sensitive to addiction? Your likes reveal everything and are used to manipulate your buying, watching and even voting behavior.

This absurdist live performance addresses the manipulative power of social media. In this innovative, immersive live symphony, the participant’s data are measured and assessed. The Social Sorting Experiment gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself so well that you can no longer be manipulated! You might just make some ‘good old analog friends’ at the same time.

The Social Sorting Experiment premièred at IDFA DocLab, reaped international fame at SXSW, the Flipside Festival Singapore and Sheffield Doc/Fest, was nominated for a Gouden Kalf at NFF and was also featured at De Parade.

At Stukafest student room festival student rooms across the city transform into mini stages. Visitors can see three acts in three different rooms in one night. Enjoy a performance between the study books and beer crates. For tickets and the full program, please go here.

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