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Sunday, December 8 2019, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Price: € 5.00 incl. vat (Student) € 10.00 incl. vat (Others)

Zero experience and a lot of guts. Rector Frank Baaijens, Alderman for Culture Monique List, Cursor editor Norbine Schalij and master student Evelien Nieuwenburg have that when they start conducting the jubilating Ensuite.

[DUTCH spoken!] Click here to view the images taken at Maestro TU/e (08-12-2019)

Maestro is the first anniversary concert of this academic year performed by the Ensuite student symphony orchestra of ESMG Quadrivium. The name "Maestro" comes from the television program of the same name in which inexperienced conductors are judged on their management skills. "Maestro" is Italian for "master" and is a general term for a virtuoso musician.

As "maestro's" will occur:

On Sunday, December 8, the four guests with little management experience will conduct Ensuite. For this they received four coaching sessions from Bart Partouns, the conductor of Ensuite. During the rehearsal moments, short films will be made and presented to the public on 8 December. This way, the public can also see and hear the progress of the participants.

A jury of three people (including PSO conductor Jules van Hessen) will judge the Maestro's, award points and eventually award the winner a prize.

The maestro's play well-known pieces that they often know themselves. This makes it easier for them to hear if something goes wrong.

In addition to the guest conductors, Ensuite’s conductor himself will also conduct two pieces. The most special part of this is an assignment composition from the Koepel Orgaan Nederlandse Studenten Orkesten (KONSO). This piece contrasts strongly with the other music, because it is of this time and uses totally different harmonies.

The ultimate goal is to make (young) people enthusiastic about classical music by letting them experience how well-known, inexperienced conductors make beautiful accessible music sound. In addition, the hope is that people who leave the concert will have a better understanding of the role of the conductor. The public will probably understand better that conducting is more than just waving away.

The four Maestro conductors will conduct the following pieces:

  • Carmen Suite No.1 (single parts), Bizet
  • Farandole from the second suite l’Arlesienne, Bizet
  • Hungarian Dance No.5 and 6, Brahms
  • Peer Gynt Suite (Grieg), part 4 Tanz in the Halle des Bergkonigs.
  • Dance of the Knights, Prokofiev

The assignment composition of KONSO will be carried out under the direction of permanent Ensuite conductor Bart Partouns. This is a composition specially written for Dutch student orchestras. Finally, Rosamunde Overture by Schubert will also be performed.

The program has a 15-minute break at 5.15 p.m.

In collaboration with ESMG Quadrivium, Ensuite

The concert will take place in the central hall of the Atlas building on the TU / e campus. To find the location check this page for route and map.

Presenter: Ab Nieuwdorp
Every working day between nine and twelve, Ab Nieuwdorp presents its radio show "The Classics" on Radio 4. This omnivore of classical music knows all known and less well-known classical music and is happy to surprise its listeners with the most beautiful classical songs. "Just like the guide in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam who not only shows visitors Rembrandt's" Night Watch ", but also takes them to the painting with the same light that was made by an unknown artist."

Today he takes the audience through the Maestro’s rehearsal process and lets you enjoy the end result!

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