Invent and design your own autonomous machine

Maandag 1 oktober 2018, 19:00 - 22:00
Luna 1.240
Prijs: € 7,50 incl. btw (Student)

During this workshop you get to know and discuss autonomous systems and design your own system in 2d or 3d.


Our lives are getting increasingly dependent on smart technology. Not just our personal devices, but also the supply line of our food, the logistics of our energy and so on.  Machines are getting smarter and better than us humans in many ways. There is no doubt that we will soon share our society with autonomous machines. Recent fiction like Westworld, Ex Machina and Blade Runner, as well as the recent Saudi Arabian citizenship of Sophia have been showing us visions of a world where there will be autonomous machines looking just like us. However we believe that the actual autonomous machines will not look remotely like humans; in fact, there are already autonomous machines like trading algorithms working on the web, invisible to most of us. The question here is, what will autonomous machines be like? When do you call machines autonomous, when do they transcend simply being an algorithm or program? And following on from this, when will they deserve to be part of our society and how will they change it?

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