De Man in Europe uitverkocht

Donderdag 1 december 2016, 20:30 - 23:59 (uitverkocht)

Twenty visionaries, one continent. In this solo-performance, Lucas de Man takes you on a journey in search of Europe. Rarely does a show give such insight into current affairs!

Assaults on European territory, closing borders, refugees stuffed in trains, the reality of Brexit and several years of financial crises. There is a pressure on European society that we cannot deny anymore. The challenges our continent is dealing with form the base for De Man in Europe. For this solo-performance Lucas De Man travelled through Europe, visiting 17 cities in 8 countries and conducting interviews with more than 20 creators and visionaries. They are rooting for change and all work on remodeling the society that they live in. Back here in the Netherlands, Lucas takes you with him on his journey and through Europe’s history. Learn, laugh, weep. Europe, that’s where I, You, WE dwell.


Students have free admission, others pay €5,-
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