The XX Network: Women in science and technology uitverkocht

Woensdag 25 mei 2016, 16:00 - 18:00 (uitverkocht)

Like it or not, but the science and technology industry is still mostly dominated by men. What is it like for women to operate in this world, and what challenges do they run into?

This afternoon, come and exchange experiences, opinions and expectations, while working on your talents and skills during an inspirational workshop. Sharpen your opinion during a debate on topics like career, motherhood, male/female differences and the old boys network. You can also meet other TU/e women and discuss ambitions and career choices over drinks.

Workshop 1: Your Leadership

Your choice of bachelor or master studies forms the basis of your career. But how precisely do you know what you really want? In Your Leadership, Claudia Zwart-Hopman makes you more aware of your own strengths and qualities. You’ll learn how to develop those further, so that you can grow and realize your future goals. In your own way.

Claudia Zwart-Hopman is a professional coach, nominated as 1 of the top 60 coaches in Europe. She also works as a trainer, interim manager and consultant.

Workshop 2: Unwritten rules

In this workshop, Monic Bührs will provide you with insights about the differences between women and men regarding their approach and behavior. ‘’Rules’’ within organizations are often determined by men. This can become a problem for women when they aim for higher positions within an organization. Therefore it is important to be aware of these differences in order be able to play the game strategically.

Monic Bührs is one of the founders of In Touch women resource management. She is a trainer and coach for women in various aspects of their career.   

Entrance: free

Registration is possible until and including May 23rd

This program is organized by KIVI Students Eindhoven in cooperation with Studium Generale.

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