The History of Jazz uitverkocht

Koen Graat
Woensdag 20 maart 2024, 19:30 - 21:15 (uitverkocht)
Corona hall, Luna building
Prijs: Gratis (Student) Gratis (Anderen)

Why did jazz music originate in New Orleans? And no, jazz doesn't always have to swing. This evening will give you a bird's eye view of the history of jazz.

Like a bebopping jazz cat, speaker Koen Graat takes you on a fast-paced tour. By means of listening examples, it becomes clear how jazz in the 1940s was transformed from popular dance music to art music for a smaller group of enthusiasts. In the 1950s, the jazz landscape became fragmented. Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and Dave Brubeck, among others, emerged. In the 1970s, jazz-rock reached a new audience, while the 1980s were marked by debates about what would or would not be jazz. Finally, in the contemporary jazz landscape, we see that jazz has evolved into music played all over the world, where the combination of the American musical form with regional styles provides numerous new developments. 

Get answers to questions like 'Why are Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis considered pioneers? And, is original jazz also played in Europe?

Come and listen to 125 years of jazz history explained by the ultimate jazz connoisseur Koen Graat. He teaches Jazz History & Research at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, the former conservatory in Tilburg. As a programmer he is also involved in the festivals November Music and Jazz in Duketown and the jazz venues Paradox in Tilburg and Jazz Factory in De Verkadefabriek. He regularly writes background articles for the magazine Jazzism.

This program is organized in collaboration with student culture association Studentproof.

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