Safety first uitverkocht

Prof.dr.ir. Genserik Reniers
Dinsdag 11 oktober 2016, 12:40 - 13:35 (uitverkocht)
Blauwe Zaal Auditorium

The Dutch chemistry – production, research, knowledge development and innovation – is among the global leaders and of great value to the Dutch economy. Unfortunately, a large chemical industry is not without risks. Safety of industrial areas is extremely important for both companies and the environment. However, disasters such as the Chemie-Pack fire (2011) and the explosion at the petrochemical plant of Shell (2014), both in Moerdijk, show that security is not self-evident.

In this lecture, prof.dr.ir. Genserik Reniers (TU Delft) addresses the state-of-the-art of safety and security in the chemical industry in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he looks into the future and indicates clear trends and visions for safety and security within this industry for 2030 and beyond.

About prof.dr.ir. Genserik Reniers

Professor of Safety of Hazardous Materials in the Safety and Security Science research group at Delft University of Technology. He is also the Scientific Director of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Safety and Security. Furthermore, he is a professor at the City campus of the University of Antwerp and professor at the Brussels campus of the Catholic University of Leuven, both in Belgium. Read more about Genserik Reniers

Japie-Octave Symposium 2016

This lecture is organized in cooperation with study association Jan Pieter Minckelers (Japie) and Octave Levenspiel, the international association of the post-Master’s program Process and Product Design, both from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry of the TU/e. The lecture is part of the symposium Survival in the Chemical Industry: Safety Challenges and Solutions for the Chemical Engineer.


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