Micromechanics: it’s alive! uitverkocht

Prof.dr.ir. Erik van der Giessen
Woensdag 23 april 2014, 12:40 - 13:35 (uitverkocht)
Blauwe Zaal Auditorium

Concrete, Glare and high-strength steels are all examples of composite materials. The field of micromechanics studies the mechanical properties of these materials in relation to those of the constituents. Today, it is possible to derive properties on the macroscopic scale from properties on the atomic scale through a series of scale transitions. This is not quite so for biological materials. When relating the behavior of a cell to molecular properties, through the cytoskeleton and the cell membrane, various new issues emerge that are typical for biology. Issues we did not (have to) worry about in the micromechanics of classical engineering materials.

Professor Micromechanics of Materials Erik van der Giessen, group leader of the research unit Micromechanics at the The Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (University of Groningen), discusses the challenges in the micromechanics of biological materials in contrast to classical engineering composite materials. By accepting these challenges, in a truly multidisciplinary team effort, micromechanics may find a new future in the broad field of biology and medicine.

This lecture is part of the symposium Future Directions in Micromechanics organized on April 23rd by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in recognition of the Honorary Doctoral degree awarded to professor Norman Fleck (University of Cambridge) on TU/e’s Dies Natalis (Thursday April 24th ).

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