The Edge of All We Know (InScience)

Peter Galison
Dinsdag 17 november 2020, 20:00 - 22:15
Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven
Prijs: € 3,50 incl. btw (Student) € 10,50 incl. btw (Anderen)

What can black holes teach us about the boundaries of knowledge? A documentary film following the quest to understand the most mysterious objects in the universe.

Unfortunately, due to new Covid-19 measures, this film has been canceled.

Language: English, no subtitles

What can black holes teach us about the boundaries of knowledge? These holes in spacetime are the darkest objects and the brightest—the simplest and the most complex. With unprecedented access, The Edge of All We Know follows two powerhouse collaborations. Stephen Hawking anchors one, striving to show that black holes do not annihilate the past. Another group, working in the world’s highest altitude observatories, creates an earth-sized telescope to capture the first-ever image of a black hole. Interwoven with other dimensions of exploring black holes, these stories bring us to the pinnacle of humanity’s quest to understand the universe.


This documentary will be introduced by Dr. Andrea Fuster. Dr. Andrea Fuster is Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Eindhoven University of Technology. She has a PhD in general relativity, the theory of gravity developed by Einstein which predicted the existence of black holes. Her current research involves extensions of general relativity aimed at a better understanding of gravity at the very large and very small scales in the Universe.

InScience Film Festival

This program is a collaboration with Natlab Eindhoven and InScience film festival. InScience is one of the biggest science film festivals in Europe and is unique to The Netherlands. The festival focuses on the interface between film, science and society. The program consists of science films, debates and an educational program for children and young adults.


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