TU/e open expo | Artistic heroes like you

TU/e students and employees
1 oktober t/m 28 oktober , 09:00 - 18:00
Atlas building

During the entire month of October 2021 the exhibition ‘Artistic Heroes’ will take place, as part of the Lustrum TU/e 65. Students and employees of the Eindhoven University of Technology will exhibit their piece(s) of work, varying from paintings to photographs, and from textile work to sculptures, woodcarvings, poems, short films or any other form (2d or 3d).

“We have received 65 suitable submissions. Isn't that the perfect number for an exhibition honoring the university's 65 years?” says Lucas Asselbergs, head of Studium Generale and a member of the lustrum committee. Please click here to read the article that TU/e's Cursor has written about 'Artistic heroes like you'.

More information will follow.

In 2021 Eindhoven University of Technology celebrates a momentous milestone: it's 65th birthday with the lustrum theme: Heroes like you.
Heroes are a source of imagination, admiration and inspiration. There is also a hero inside each one of us, inside you.

There will be an array of diverse activities throughout 2021, ranging from special performances, symposia, activities on campus, exhibitions and festive gatherings in the departments, joined collaboration with the City of Eindhoven and with the industries. More info can be found here.