Piano Genius Pieter de Graaf CANCELED

Pieter de Graaf
Woensdag 8 december 2021, 20:00 - 21:30
Corona Zaal, Luna building

Like any true artist, composer and Edison award winner Pieter de Graaf always pushes his creativity to the next level; come and be mesmerized by his piano virtuosity infused with modern technology.

After the success of his debut album Fermata, piano virtuoso Pieter de Graaf took a new musical direction using experimental loops and electronics in his album Vortex. After that, the pianist and composer continued on his personal and musical voyage of discovery. In doing so, his creative drive for freedom did not allow him to be limited by the restrictions of a genre or formula, and he challenged himself by experimenting with production. The voyage of discovery led to the candid album Equinox, a blend of romantic, lyrical and sumptuous piano playing.

On Equinox, Pieter’s piano playing frequently and clearly conveys his predilection for the romantic, lyrical, opulent approach. His fingers and his mind are finally up to that challenge again. After many therapies, great patience, and perseverance, he has almost fully overcome symptoms of RSI. Come and witness this concert, and step out of the concert hall feeling born anew.

Please note: You can only attend this concert on campus. There will be no online livestream.

Ticket reservation recommended
This program will take place on campus. For students: making a reservation via the website (black "order" button) is recommended to ensure you have a seat in case the program is sold out. Non-students need to buy a ticket online in advance.

To attend this concert, you will need to show:

  1. A valid admission ticket.
  2. A COVID certificate (proof of vaccination, a negative test result or proof of recovery in the CoronaCheck app).
  3. Your ID.

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