Band Showdown

Donderdag 21 maart 2024, 20:00
POPEI, Klokgebouw 300, Eindhoven
Prijs: Gratis (Student) Gratis (Anderen)

We know, it’s like comparing apples to oranges, a band showdown. But hey…. We’ll do it anyway. Go check it out in POPEI, StrijpS and find out who’s the winner who’ll be performing on the SG Stage at Plugged Festival.

June 6 is D Date 2 Save: Plugged Festival hits campus. Like every year, two stages will be filled with smashing music. The Studium Generale stage will host bands where at least one of the band members is a TU/e student. Which band will be playing at Plugged is voted on at Modern's Band Showdown on the 21st of March! 

This year's edition is being kicked off by one of the winners of last year's edition: EPIRUS. Wanna know which student band will be playing on Plugged's next edition?! Let’s find out at the Band Showdown where 4 bands will compete for a spot at the Plugged Festival!"

Cheer on your favorite Modern band, enjoy the music, and most importantly , let your voice be heard! Don't miss this exciting event – see you at the Band Showdown!

You don’t need a ticket, just bring your friends and spend an awesome evening at POPEI, the place that breathes music and where the stakes are high tonight. Get to know new music, grab a beer or soda, and cheer on the student bands. Support your local heroes!

Keep an eye on ESMG Modern's Insta for the final lineup.

ESMG Modern is a student association for modern music open to students from Eindhoven. Modern has joined forces with the Plugged Festival and Studium Generale to organize their annual event: the Band Showdown. The main goal of the event is to provide a stage for student bands to gain stage experience and showcase their talent!

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