From September, USE again at Studium Generale

From the start of the 2020/2021 academic year, it will again be possible to follow Studium Generale (SG) programs marked with a USE label with us; online and where possible also offline. From that moment on, there will no longer be an exemption from the SG&USE obligation for Bachelor students who are going to obtain their Bachelor degree and have not yet completed their USE learning trajectory. If you plan to graduate in September and it won’t be possible for you to meet the SG&USE obligation in time* , please contact us at studium.generale@tue.nl. 

Over the past few months, the SG programs have been adjusted according to the TU/e corona measures. The biggest change has been that we were no longer able to offer our lectures, theatre performances, concerts, films and workshops offline on campus and that, where possible, we switched to online streaming of programs. It was not possible to register for SG&USE with these programs and Bachelor students who graduate in the academic year 2019/2020 are exempt from the obligation to follow five SG programs that carry the USE label. However, from September onwards it again will be possible to register for SG&USE.

How does it work?

You can find the new full program for the first quartile (September-October) on our website from mid-August onwards. It is indicated per program whether it is possible to register for SG&USE.  USE registration will be possible via both:

  • The offline programs marked with a USE label that will take place on campus for a limited group of visitors. The number of visitors that we can receive is limited due to RIVM measures. Reservations via the website are mandatory from now on if you would like to attend the offline program.
  • The online programs marked with a USE label will be streamed live. Please note: do NOT make a reservation if you want to watch the program online via the livestream. You can only register for SG&USE if you watch the program live (so not watching it at a later time) and if you complete an online SG&USE registration form within five minutes after the end of the program. During the lecture we will explain where and when you can find the link to the registration form. In the program info on the website you will find where you can view the livestream.

More information about the SG & USE regulation and its registration (e.g. when is the registration iprocessed in your personal overview?) can be found on the USE page on this website.


* In September, nine programs are planned for which you can register for SG&USE.