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Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos

Na Hong-jin, Korea 2016
Language: korean – subtitles: dutch


A foreigner’s mysterious appearance in a quiet, rural village causes suspicion among the locals. As the townspeople begin killing each other for seemingly no reason, the investigating officer watches his daughter fall under the same savage spell. He agrees to consult a shaman for answers - unknowingly escalating the situation into something far more dangerous.

In Gokseong County, in the south of South Korea, a mysterious disease breaks out after the arrival of a Japanese stranger in the village. The victims suffer from a horrible skin affliction, together with bizarre violent behaviour. It is up to the local detective Jong-goo to investigate the outbreak. After a conversation with a mysterious young women, Moo-myung, he finds out there is more to it than just the arrival of the foreigner. When his daughter catches the disease as well, Jong-goo becomes more determined than ever to unravel this mystery.

With this supernatural crime film, Hong-jin won de Prix AQCC award at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. The main role is portrayed by Do Won Kwak (Tazza, The Hidden Card), who was nominated for The Grand Bell Awards in South Korea for his supporting role in The Attorney.

Despite its epic length, The Wailing never bores as Na slathers his tale with generous supplies of atmosphere and awfulness.Entertainment Weekly

On the one hand, the film is a gripping whodunnit, exemplified by a scene of classic Hitchcockian suspense, when Jong-goo makes a frightening discovery while snooping around the Japanese man. At the same time it treads into supernatural territory through nightmarish dream sequences that feel unnervingly real.­ Variety 


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