Video | In Dialogue About Events in Israel and Gaza

On November 16th 2023, Murat Karatas and Tjeerd Ritmeester engaged in a conversation related to the events in Israel and Gaza. It was a dialogue between two council members of the municipality of Eindhoven who belong to the same political party, the PvdA, but whose feelings and ideas about the Israel-Gaza conflict are very far apart: a dialogue between opposites. Murat is Muslim, Tjeerd is of Jewish origin. Their statements and feelings touch each other in the depths of their hearts, and yet they continue to talk to each other. Conflict resolution often begins by giving each other the opportunity to tell stories and share feelings from one's own perspective, without discussion or determination of what is true and what is not. 

This dialogue is in Dutch, because this is the language in which Murat and Tjeerd, both Dutch, can best approach each other, and so their choice of words can be as pure as possible. By adding English subtitles, we hope to that our international community can also listen to this dialogue.

This evening was organized by Studium Generale, TINT and ESA.

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