TU/e in Dialogue | Unboxing yourself

TU/e in Dialogue is a yearly returning event where people can engage in conversations centered on a selected theme, and this year’s pick was "Unboxing yourself."


The event was sold out, with a wide variety of people joining a vibrant and insightful evening.

The conversations were structured around the four steps of the Dialogue Methodology: getting to know each other, sharing experiences, dreaming, and doing. People got to experience what it meant to listen carefully to the personal story of others and to be able to tell their own story without being interrupted. It was a vibrant evening for people who are open minded and curious about other people’s perspectives.

TU/e in Dialogue is a joint initiative of TINT, Eindhoven in Dialoog and Studium Generale.

Photography:  Leticija Petrova. View the entire photo album HERE.

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