Radio | Eurovision Song Contest

Good evening Europe! After 44 years, the Eurovision Song Contest was finally returning to the Netherlands this year after the glorious victory of Duncan Laurence in 2019. Of course this was in pre-corona times, and unfortunately there were no douze points for anyone this year. There is still plenty to enjoy though about one of the biggest and craziest entertainment spectacles in the world. Our very own Marle and Esther take you, in this radio podcast, on a trip through the history, the politics, the very best and the best of the worst!

Recorded on Friday May 15th | 14.30 - 17.30 hrs 

TU/e community radio
TU/e community radio wanted to bring together the community of Eindhoven University of Technology (without being physically present on campus), by sharing music hits and stories of TU/e students and staff members during the corona outbreak. 

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