Photo Impression | Workshop Linocut

On June 10th, two groups of students explored the art of linocut, a printmaking method that has captured the imagination of artists for generations. 
Pien van de Nieuwenhof, a teacher of fine arts with a specialization in illustration and animation guided them through the entire process of linocut, from carving their own designs into linoleum blocks to printing their creations onto paper. 
Some reactions from attendants of the workshop
"While I had done lino printing before, I learned better, more precise methods of doing so."
"The instructor was super dedicated to helping everyone and showing alternatives for applying the technique at home."
"It was great that you could have any level of expertise, so everyone could find a print for their level."
"I would be thrilled to see and join more creative workshops like this one.""
Photos were taken by Maud Staassen. View all photo's HERE.

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