Photo impression | TU/e Rooftop Twilight (Schemeren)

Darkness sets in every day, but it is almost never noticed. Too bad, because twilight has a lot to tell us. For "Schemeren" we gathered high on the roof of the Auditorium on the TU/e campus, where we watched and listened together as the day faded before our eyes.

"Schemeren" is a radio play that we listened to while watching Eindhoven slowly going from light to dark. Marjolijn van Heemstra took us into the world between light and darkness, where everything can change while nothing seems to happen. She took us to the story of the meantime and the invisible passers-by in our lives.

This program was organized in collaboration with Parktheater Eindhoven.

Some reactions of the participants
"I did not know the concept of "schemeren". It is a nice concept and actually a low-threshold way of meditation. As the speaker said, ‘learning to stand still’.

"It was very nice to stand still and just be able to think about time for an hour, and see the sun is slowly setting.

Photos by Levi Baruch. See all photos HERE.

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