Photo impression | Storioni, A taste of Chamber Music

The renowned Storioni Trio , featuring Bart van der Roer on piano, Wouter Vossen on violin, and Marc Vossen on cello, performed once again at TU/e during this year's Storioni Festival, held in Eindhoven from May 18 to 26.
In addition to the Storioni Trio, the @otilkaquartet also performed this afternoon. This string quartet has established itself as a promising ensemble in the world of chamber music. The Otilka Quartet is composed of four talented musicians: Iris van Nuland, Lucien Renette, Francisca Galante, and Job Huiskamp.
Some feedback from the audience
The respondents of the evaluation survey rated the concert 4.93 (out of 5).
"I experienced a story in my head that was created and inspired by the music. I really enjoyed the emotions that the music expressed." 
"I don’t usually attend concerts for classical music, but this experience brought a lot new emotions to me. From now on I will for sure try to find similar concerts and enjoy them. Thank you for the experience!"
"I never thought of going to a classical music event soon, and am happy that SG provided me with a chance to do so"
Photos taken by Maud Staassen. View all photos HERE.

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