Photo Impression | Navigating Modern Dating life

At a time when more people are single than ever before, the way we find love is very different than it used to be. These days, it's all about apps, chats, and matches. Is online dating a fun lifestyle or a necessary evil to find a partner? And what are we even looking for? 
In collaborating with TINT we invited Dr. Tila Pronk, Associate Professor of Social Psychology at Tilburg University, to guide us through the dynamics of modern dating!

Some reactions from the audience afterwards
"The trends in (online) dating and the professor's research that were presented and discussed were extremely interesting. The additional information she provided by answering questions from the audience was also quite insightful."

“I mean, I didn't know too much about the topic anyway, which was kind of the reason I went. The statistics were nice, and in a way, knowing that about 2/3 of the people there were single made me feel less alone/hopeless.”

"It's really cool and a nice change from the usual science-oriented lectures. I like it!"

"Please have a follow-up lecture! There was not enough time."

Photos by Maud Staassen. See all photos HERE.

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