Photo impression | Auletes goes Japanese

On December 10, the student wind orchestra Auletes performed a fantastic concert for a packed Blauwe Zaal at TU/e.

The audience entered a completely new musical world and discovered surprising details about Japanese culture. The student wind orchestra Auletes played wonderful Japanese music supported by fascinating stories, including the famous and huge Japanese Taiko drum. 
The concert was conducted by Hardy Li.

Some audience feedback

"The format of the concert was new to me - a story intertwined with musical pieces with a perfect balance between the two. Also, the orchestral performance itself was spectacular.

"It wasn't particularly new to me, as I listen to this kind of music often, but it was very good and very enjoyable, and I'm glad that the university is giving me the chance to experience it live".

Photos were taken by Levi Baruch. View all photos HERE.

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