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Are ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ just big buzzwords, or is there something in there for you? Research shows that having diverse and inclusive teams leads to heightened creativity, easier rethinking, accelerated innovation, and better performance. Yet, the reality is that these teams do not come about by themselves.

The TU/e originally was a university with a very uniform population, but various developments in recent decades have contributed to a more diverse composition. Still, it’s often difficult to break out of homogeneous bubbles. In addition, differences between people are not always tolerated, and “feeling at home" is not always guaranteed. The fact that we say we value diversity does not always mean that we act accordingly. In project groups, student teams, research departments, and on boards, we are often (unintentionally) inclined to look for familiarity, and we subconsciously contribute to reinforcing the homogeneity of the groups in which we operate. But if diversity and inclusiveness are not fostered, talent is lost. That is why this is not only a problem of the minority, but also of everyone at TU/e.

In this video we take a closer look at these mechanisms with the expert help of consultant Mirjam Kristalijns. Discussions look at uncovering our blind spots, examining how we subconsciously make blunders, but also at how we can learn from such mishaps while having fun, and what small steps we all can take.

Miriam Kristalijn is a consultant and coach at Ardis organizational consultancy. She has a professional background in mediation, organization and change management, and social safety. Kristalijn loves stories about courage, setbacks and victories, and uses personal stories as a starting point for each session.

Other speakers:

Anne Jenster | University Council TU/e
Kjell Revenberg | Team manager Solar Team Eindhoven TU/e
Rachel Falleyn | Student psychologist TU/e
Prof.dr. Gerrit Kroesen | Dean of Applied Physics TU/e

This program was organized in collaboration with Compass, the LGBTQ+ community for students and staff at TU/e.

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