Shaking up the film program

Watching a film in a cinema with the perfect sound and on an impressive screen like you are used to there, is not possible for the time being and everyone knows the reason why. First, our Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos closed its doors and recently our partner film house Natlab had to do the same. But...Studium Generale has more than one trick up its sleeves, so we decided to do things differently until the summer;  you can continue to watch intriguing films and documentaries from home.

No offline movies until at least July 1, 2021
Due to the extended lockdown and little certainty about the date for the reopening of the cinemas and film houses, we have decided not to offer offline films in Natlab or Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos until at least July 1, 2021. The films that had been planned until mid-April, have therefore been canceled. But fortunately, we can still offer you a great movies and documentaries online.

Free online mini docu festival ( with USE registration for BA students)
As a band-aid on the film wound of many who miss going to the cinema, we are organizing an online mini docu festival. The three documentaries "White Noise", "Inside the Red Brick Wall" and "Oeconomia", planned on respectively February 22, 23 and 24 will be offered online. A live online follow-up discussion with the filmmaker or an expert on the subject will take place after each documentary. Bachelor's students can register for USE during these programs. Tickets are free, but you need to make a reservation via the black order button on the film pages.

We will also plan some online films/documentaries with USE registration in the next quartile, so keep an eye on this website to see what's coming up.

Student discount on online PICL Natlab arthouse films
We have joined forces with Natlab and online film platform PICL to offer you, as a student, the possibility to watch the best art house films online with a discount. Use our discount code SGE21#NL on (exclusively) the Natlab page of PICL to get 1 euro student discount on every film you watch. Check here for more info.

We hope to welcome you back to the film house in the near future. Until then, we hope to see you online at our documentary programs and wish you lots of viewing fun at PICL Natlab.


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