Blog: About broadening and connecting in times of Corona

Written by Lucas Asselbergs, Head of Studium Generale

Corona is the venue on the TU/e campus where there is much to experience: concerts, performances, dialogue sessions, election debates, graduation ceremonies ... What happens there is enriching, broadening and deepening. Much of what Studium Generale stands for.

But Corona also turns out to be in a different guise, one that causes immense damage, instills fear and throws us back on ourselves, locked in our houses behind our laptops. Mr. Lockdown is poised to energetically complete social destruction.

While a paralyzing gray veil is sweeping the world, we are busy thinking about what Studium Generale can offer in academic, social and cultural broadening without a live audience, without direct interaction and finely equipped rooms, such as Corona in the now abandoned Luna building.

Pending the moment when we can meet again at a film, lecture, exhibition, workshop or performance, we will work with alternatives that, despite all the limitations and narrowing of our horizons, help to broaden and connect.

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