Join Dutch comedian Raoul Heertje's 'consulting hour' today! (in Dutch)

Raoul Heertje, Dutch stand-up comedian, writer and program maker, is on campus today to prepare for his stand-up comedy show (in Dutch) at Studium Generale in January. He is curious and wants to dive into your world as a student. What drives you in your friendships? How do you navigate a world that takes place largely online? This and much more is what Raoul wants to discuss and he invites you to join his "spreekuur" (consultation hour) and share your thoughts.

Raoul will be at various locations around campus today, Tuesday, December 12, from late morning to early afternoon for his special "spreekuur" (read: half hour p.p.). Go explore or check out our Instagram account for the exact location.

Will you be joining?
(The conversation will be in Dutch)


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