The body's clockwork

According to prof. Bert van der Horst, our biological clock is of greater influence on the occurrence, treatment and prevention of disease than we realize.

Prof.dr. Bert van der Horst is a professor in chronobiology and health (Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam) who examines the functioning of the body clocks and the impact those clocks have on a person’s health. Shift work, late night study routine, jet lags and (after)parties till sunrise; our circadian clock has to endure quite a bit in our 24/7 society. The sleep pattern plays a significant role in this, but also food consumption is a considerable aspect. Disturbance of the rhythm of the circadian system may cause all kind of short-term and long-term effects, among which the emergence of disease. On the other hand, the biological clock determines how the body responds to disease.

In this lecture prof. Bert van der Horst discusses the influence of lifestyle on the functioning of the biological clock and the impact on health and disease. Also, he explains why taking the circadian system into account is of great importance in treatment and prevention of diseases, including the COVID-19 pandemia.

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