Video lecture | Visuals vs. Brains

WYSIWYG? Seeing is believing. If there is one sense most people value most, it is sight. Images arrive in superior HD quality and are processed by our brain at lightning speed. We don’t think about it; it’s a matter of course to us. Today, you’ll find out there is a lot more to being able to see and interpret what you see than you would expect.

Experimental psychologist Dr. Surya Gayet (Utrecht University) is fascinated by how our brains interpret visual stimuli. How does this lead to a conscious experience of the world around us?

His general research interest revolves around elucidating how the human brain interprets the plethora of visual input impinging on our retinae on a moment-to-moment basis, ultimately leading to a conscious visual experience.

In his ongoing NWO Veni-funded project, he investigates how visual perception in naturalistic scenes is modulated by expectations and by the behavioral goals of the observer. To this end, he makes use of a combination of psychophysical, modeling, and neuro-imaging methods. In this lecture, he will touch upon subjects such as visual perception, visual working memory, consciousness, and attentional selection.

Surya Gayet is affiliated with the Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (Donders Institute, Nijmegen), and the Attention Lab (Utrecht University).

Reviews from the attending audience

  • "Brand new perspective on perception, 10/10 would recommend".
  • “Lecturer was great, felt incredibly knowledgeable.”
  • "Some previously unexplained visual phenomena on the Internet were explained.


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