Happy Sex

Do you feel comfortable sexually? Do you struggle to find what works for you? What are your boundaries and how do you communicate consent? If you need time to think about these questions, you are not alone! Lisette Mepschen (Lieve Lisette) helps you discover what could make sex into happy(er) sex.

Lisette started as an escort at the age of 20, and soon after founded her own escort agency. These days, she mainly focuses on connecting with her clients. Lisette has a lot of experience with clients that have impairments or other conditions that can introduce a variety of challenges for their sex lives. Lisette is also a public speaker and podcast maker on a mission to break down common prejudices about sex work and to help people achieve a satisfying sex life. Drawing upon her years of experience in the field of sex work and sexuality, in this lecture, Lisette will share insights about consent, being comfortable with your body, and simply feeling good about sex.

This lecture was organized in collaboration with Défi, a fraternity from Study Association GEWIS. Défi regularly organizes activities that bring people out of their comfort zones, like abseiling from Vertigo and blind dining.

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