More than human

Superhuman, human augmentation, Homo Deus – there is great buzz around research that aims to enhance human abilities through medicine or technology. What if we can significantly upgrade our physical, cognitive, and emotional capabilities? How will human life change in the coming 50 years?

The possibilities and applications are widespread; think for example of biohacking, exoskeletons, implanted chips, adding new senses, connecting the brain to a computer, and genetic modification with CRISPR/cas9. What are the opportunities, ethical dilemmas, and risks involved? And how far would you be willing to go? Biohacker and cyborg futurist Peter Joosten will discuss the consequences of this Superhuman Era on mankind, society, and ethics.

Peter Joosten MSc studied Innovation Management and Journalism at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen before specializing in science journalism, biohacking and bioethics. He is active as a keynote speaker and consultant, investigating the impact of biohacking, human enhancement and transhumanism in his public lectures, articles and YouTube channel. Peter is also the curator of the platform Superhuman Talks where he writes and interviews experts about the coming era of upgraded humans. In addition, he is a guest lecturer at TU/e (master Human Technology Interaction) and an associate at Next Nature (theme: human enhancement). He has written two (Dutch) books: Biohacking (2018) and Supermens (2020).

Team Hart
This lecture is organized in cooperation with Team HART. Team HART, which stands for Human Augmentation Research & Technology, is a young TU/e student team that envisions a future where constraints of human biology dissolve and new ways of experiencing the world arise by giving people freedom of experience using new technologies. The long-term objective is to develop a platform, much like the App Store on your smartphone, where instead of apps, you can download new senses.

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