Understanding the war in Ukraine

In this current affairs program, we discuss the background and implications of the ongoing war in Ukraine with expert on Russian history prof. Hans van Koningsbrugge.

Why did Russia invade Ukraine? What historical, geopolitical and economic factors are involved? And how can this war be stopped? As the war in Ukraine holds the world in its grip, we reflect on the latest developments in an interview with prof. Hans van Koningsbrugge. 

Prof.dr. Hans van Koningsbrugge is a professor of the History and Politics of Russia, in particular Dutch-Russian Relations, at University of Groningen. In his work he pays special attention to political and economic developments from a Dutch perspective, and to the decision-making processes and mechanisms in Russia in the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly with regard to international cooperation. Van Koningsbrugge is also a guest lecturer at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael and the Netherlands Defence College Rijswijk. He is also Director of the Centre for Russian Studies at the University of Groningen and of the Netherlands-Russia Centre.

Recently Hans van Koningsbrugge was a guest speaker on Jort Kelder's Jortcast. Listen to the podcast about the war in Ukraine here.

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