The sexual brain

The relationship between your brain and your body is an intimate one. In this lecture, Dr. Janniko Georgiadis discusses how the brain works during sexual acts – and how he went about his research.

It is often thought that people have sex mainly to procreate, but according to Georgiadis, ‘procreation is just a side effect of sex’. What then is the real motive to have sex? And are humans unique sexual beings, or are things quite the same in the animal kingdom as they are in your bedroom? Based on hardcore science, this is your chance to learn more about our sexual brain.

Dr. Janniko Georgiadis (UMCG) holds a PhD in the field of systems neuroscience and studies the link between sexual behavior and sex as a product of our brain. The overarching theme of his research is to gain a better understanding of positive feelings (pleasure, flow) in social situations. His current research focuses on the neurobiology of the human sexual response (a primary form of positive feeling and motivation), and on the role of positive feelings in academic education.

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