Cooking with leftovers

Dinsdag 8 oktober, 17:00 - 21:00
Canteen Auditorium
Workshop & dinner
Prijs: € 5,00 (Student)

Turn the leftovers in your fridge and cupboard into a delicious meal and enjoy the fruits of your labor together at the dinner table afterwards.

In this workshop a professional cook will teach you how to use your leftover food to make soups, salads and meals. You bring your own leftovers; we will provide you with some essentials such as herbs and salt and pepper. In small groups you decide on what you want to make and prepare it. Afterwards you get to eat all of the delicious dishes you have created together!

This workshop is part of the Green Week. By now, everyone knows that we have a problem if we don’t do something about climate disruption soon. Sustainability is everywhere. But rather than talking about CO2 and airplane taxes, we want to do something ourselves. That is why this week will be bursting with activities that focus on solutions, on what we can do locally, and making our everyday lives a bit greener.

Registration is required for this workshop.

Go to our full program to see what other events are organized during the Green Week.

This week is organized in collaboration with GO Green Office. GO Green Office TU/e makes the university’s sustainability vision tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff. This is the platform where students and employees with fresh minds connect to shape inspiring ideas and launch projects at the TU/e, all with the objective to stimulate the sustainability transition. 

In collaboration with GO Green Office & Vitam.