SG24/60 Lindy Hop Workshop

Julia & Crystel
Donderdag 4 oktober , 23:00 - 23:59
Luna, Orbit
Prijs: Gratis (Student)

Lindy Hop dancers Julia and Crystel teach you the basics in 1 hour!

Lindy Hop is pure fun, joy and excitement, it is the dance that drove away the depression in the thirties and brings everyone in a good mood. Today Lindy Hop is booming and every big city in the western world has a Lindy Hop community. Crystel and Julia are two experienced Lindy Hop experts from Amsterdam with a tremendous drive to teach you the basics and much more in a very short time. The Rueda implies that you will be dancing with alternating partners, while being taught.  Beginner or pro, both are most welcome. It’s not a competition, it’s a lovely introduction to a dance full of energy, based on the great Swing Jazz era before WW II. Enjoy!

The Lindy Hop workshop is open to TU/e students, - employees and Footloose members. You can bring max. 2 guests along.

To join, you need to register via the button on the left. Be quick, because there are only 40 spots available and full = full.

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