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The American Dream of 2020

Laila Frank
Woensdag 21 oktober , 12:40 - 13:20 (uitverkocht)
Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium & livestream
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An economic crisis, a pandemic, a divided country and a Presidential Election. Is this the American Dream of 2020? Journalist Laila Frank on the United States in a tumultuous election time.

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America has always been a country full of contradictions. The country is hard, raw, rugged and brutal, but also generous, loving, forgiving, free and shiny; divided but also one. In the run-up to the Presidential Election, Americans have not been as depressed about their country in twenty years as they are now.  Although they are less proud of their country then they have been before, they are still proud and hopeful.

Understanding the American vote

What are Americans hoping for, what are they dreaming of and what kind of President fits those expectations? What does their American Dream look like in 2020? And what does that mean for the upcoming election and their vote? Journalist Laila Frank has been traveling the States extensively over the last four years and traveled the swing states from July to late September. She takes you on a journey thru the United States and discusses her observations in light of the upcoming election.

It is said every election, but perhaps this election really is ‘the most important ever’. After all, Trump puts democracy in America under great stress, which is unique. For most people his election four years ago was a big surprise. Compared to 2016, this time the candidates are different, the issues are different, and the electorate has changed. No one dares to make any prediction anymore. In the media we mainly see the candidates and their statements, the struggle between the parties and other superficialities surrounding the campaigns. But anyone who really wants to get a feel for the voting behavior of the Americans in November will have to delve into the serious social themes and try to understand the undercurrents in society.


Laila Frank is a freelance journalist who writes about American society and politics. She previously worked as a campaign specialist and political advisor for 14 year and regularly comments on current events for e.g. Bureau Buitenland, De Nieuws BV, NOS Radio1 and Op1. She lived in Philadelphia and Los Angeles and has traveled extensively throughout the United States. For her, America is an enlargement of human (in)ability and an endless source of inspiration. In the election year 2020, she travels the US in search of depth, background and interpretation.

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