Coloring the cosmos

Carolyn Porco
Donderdag 29 september , 12:40 - 14:00
Location: to be announced
Prijs: Gratis (Student) Gratis (Anderen)

The cosmos consists of incredible colorful phenomena. Carolyn Porco, leader of the imaging science team for NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn, has been responsible for the many thousands of dramatic photos of the planet’s clouds, storms, rings and moons. In this lecture she will discuss their scientific and artistic relevance. 

Carolyn Porco was the leader of the imaging science team for NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn, which launched in 1997 and arrived in 2004 and stayed there until 2017. As such, Carolyn Porco has been responsible for the thousands of dramatic photos of the planet’s clouds, storms, rings and moons. Images that have both great scientific and artistic value.

These exceptional pictures are the reason Porco will receive the Sikkens Prize, and will visit the Netherlands to share her thoughts and views about the Cassini mission with you.

Carolyn Porco studied geology and planetary sciences and is an expert on the outer Solar System. She has received numerous prestigious prizes and awards for her work, including the Isaac Asimov Science Award, the Lennart Nilsson Award for scientific photography, and the Carl Sagan Medal. In 2012, Time mhttp://carolynporco.com/about/biography/agazine listed her as one of the 25 most influential people in the world of space and astronomy.

Sikkens Prize
The Sikkens Foundation is an independent cultural foundation which aims to stimulate scientific developments in which color plays a specific part. The motivation to grant the prize to Carolyn Porco is, to quote the jury report (written by science journalist Govert Schilling), as follows: “By combining her scientific insights with her vast knowledge of light and color, her communicative skills and her passion to share the wonders of the universe we live in, Carolyn Porco has succeeded in reaching out to a large audience with a message that is relevant to all of humanity: Earth is but a small planet amongst a wide variety of other worlds, but we’re all part of a miraculous, all-encompassing universe. […] There can be no doubt that Carolyn Porco would be a worthy recipient of the Sikkens Prize. From a scientific point of view, her application of color is highly ingenious and advanced. At the same time, she uses color to explore the aesthetic and expressive potential of cosmic images, forging new links between science and art".

About the program
The program will consist of two parts, the first being a short introduction by Carolyn Porco followed by questions from the audience. This part will end at 13:20 and will be followed by further discussion until 14:00. Students who need to leave, in order to go to their afternoon classes, will be able to do so.  

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