Watch video lecture | Breaking patterns

We need to anticipate a rapidly changing world, yet our brain has a tendency to keep us in our comfort zone. How do we break our usual patterns? In this lecture, change expert and musician Ir. Coen Jutte explains how our conservative brain works and lets you experience how to break your comfortable patterns.

Coen Jutte is a change expert, motivational speaker and musician with a background in consultancy (Aberkyn, McKinsey) and theater. In a confronting yet playful way he will guide you from inspiration to action. With his approach, he lays the foundation for real change and transforms resistance into curiosity.

This lecture was organized in cooperation with DAS – the student party for the ambitious student. DAS is a student fraction in the University Council of the Eindhoven University of Technology. 

Enjoy watching the video above and in case you want to see more video lectures, check here.