Wanted: Enthusiastic students for musical 'Rent'

Wanted: Musicians and music director 

We are busy with the preparations for an ambitious musical theater show Rent, the rock version of the famous opera La Bohème by Puccini.

Director Geert Niland and actor Wouter van der Horst, known from the TU/e 55 + hit Moulin Rouge, are looking for students who are fascinated by questions such as: what choices do I make? Do I go for my passion or for security in life? What really matters in my life? These are precisely the issues that the people in Rent, set in a squatted building in New York 15 years ago, are concerned with whilst singing, dancing, laughing, mourning and arguing. The cast, the crew and a large group of otherwise involved people, will be working towards this experience for a whole year.

We are looking for musicians with pop and rock experience and that are willing to work hard in order to create a solid sound for the musical we will be play in November and December 2013. The music of Rent is unique. Watch the trailer of go to YouTube.

The performance will be in English!

Contact Corine Bolwerk,, tel 040 2475348.