Liptease And The Backstreet Crackbangers

Thursday, September 10 2015, 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM (sold out)

They say Rock ’n Roll is dead… Well, they can say a lot, because we bet they haven’t seen Liptease And The Backstreet Crackbangers live in action.

Back in the days is was just common and normal that Roc & Roll, drinking beer, women, good music, sweat, smoking and bottle sof whisky came together and brought us something sweet that nowayadays is frowned upon by many.

Enough reason to scream your lungs out for Liptease And The Backstreet Crackbangers: three nightingale singers in pinup-style and their greaseheaded live band convert modern poppy songs into that old school rock ‘n roll feeling and make them good old rock around the clock-times relive.

They already made impact on the TV-show Holland’s got talent and their version of Happy makes even the most fanatic haters swing and shine.

Students free entrance, others 5 euro
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