Cha(n)nel No. 3

OIJ, Ares & Taymir
Thursday, May 12 2016, 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM (sold out)

3 Genres, 3 silent disco’s. Marvelous mini music festival with the cinematic electropop (and wonderful LED installation) of OIJ, the modern rawness of Top Notch rapper Ares and the 'more shimmering moments of pre-bloopy Radiohead' of Klangstof. Plus there will be an engaging silent disco system with (of course) 3 channels (and 3 different lights, yippyyayee).

The name OIJ stands for Only In Japan. Nope, the artist isn’t coming from Japan (he’s ‘just’ from Amsterdam). The music the DJ produces is being compared to the likes of SOHn and Flum and can’t be filed under one label, because he’s a combination of producer, performer and singer in one. He mixes live tracks with all kinds of effects and names his sound ‘cinematic electropop’. On top of that he has built a LED-cage together with a Burning man expert. It took 4 months to make all the 14 strips, each with 160 LED lights, to work the way he wanted it. And the result is awesome.

Rens Ottema aka Ares is a Dutch rapper signed to the one and only Top Notch label. Inspired by The Opposites, he has already achieved a lot: finals The Next MC van 101 Barz, semifinals Grote Prijs van Nederland and numerous shows, for example on Appelsap. He is raw, modern, slick, one of the Dutch Kings of the Autotune, but just check his vids on YouTube and you knows you’re gonna go bazerk. 

Sooner rather than later, Taymir’s hyperdriven and stylish garage rock anthems will take over the world. This The Hague-based foursome took everyone by storm unleashing their dynamic debut LP Phosphene. New impressive feats came at the same blistering pace as the group’s barrage of High-Octane guitar blitz and irresistible vocal hooks.

Taymir became the talk of the town at SXSW, toured with The Kooks across Europe and shook Pinkpop, Holland’s most prestigious festival, to its core. After releasing their latest single Sometime, the Taymir express keeps on going and going. We’re lucky they’re kind enough to pull the breaks and funnel their infectious joie de vivre towards our beloved Gaslab.

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