Vreemdland Festival

Thursday, February 21 2013, 12:30 PM - 1:00 AM (sold out)
Auditorium TU/e

What’s it like to be a stranger and not know anybody? Step into another world for just one day at the Vreemdland Festival!

The program is bursting at the seams from 12.30 to 01.00 hours. More than 20 items – films, acts, music, workshops and debates – take you into a world that’s often troubling but also full of opportunities: the world of refugees. Your senses will be stimulated and your mind will be challenged.
With a varied range of speakers, artists, musicians, refugees, policymakers and performers, plus many others who are personally involved, there’s something for everyone that’s sure to move, interest and inspire you. So free up your diary for 21 February and make a note of the Vreemdland Festival.

You’ll find a selection of items from the program on this website. Or visit www.vreemdlandeindhoven.nl for the full program.

For an overview of the English programs, click here.

The Vreemdland Festival is an initiative of the Jongerenhuis together with Studium Generale, SSRE and the de Eindhovense Studenten Kerk (Eindhoven Student Church).