TU/e in dialogue

Tuesday, November 27, 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Corona, Luna
Price: Free (Student) Free (Others)

When did you last have a great conversation? Meet new people, gain new insights and participate in a dialogue at TU/e. This year’s theme: Facing your Future.

We often catch up with friends while having a coffee or beer, during dinner, over the phone or online. We debate the news and current affairs with friends, colleagues and family. However, we barely take the time for a balanced, in-depth conversation. So, take on the challenge: join the dialogue session at the TU/e. Everyone is welcome!

Facing your Future

All dialogues are centered on a selected theme, and this year’s pick is Facing your Future. What are your expectations for your future? Do you have it all mapped out or do you prefer to live by the day? Perhaps you are worried about what the future might bring, or look forward to the time that lies ahead. Whatever your experiences, this is your chance to share your views about the future with others.

Your conversation will be structured around the four steps of the Dialogue Methodology: getting to know each other, sharing experiences, dreaming, and doing. You will experience what it means to listen carefully to the personal story of others and to be able to tell your story without being interrupted. An evening for people who are open minded and curious about other people’s perspectives.

TU/e in dialogue anniversary

This year marks the fifth edition of TU/e in dialogue. To celebrate this memorable occasion, you are invited for a drink afterwards in Café Hubble (Luna)!

This event is a joint initiative of TINT , Eindhoven in Dialoog and Studium Generale.

Participation is free, registration required.

Register here.

If you prefer to participate in a Dutch dialogue, you can register here

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